Sunday, 2 April 2017

Smile Designing with Dental Lumineers

A valuable addition to smile designing techniques, dental lumineers are used to reshape teeth and to give them a polished look. They are very thin, contact lens look alike which can be attached to the front surface of the teeth. This can be done through a simple procedure which do not require anaesthesia unlike in the case of conventional veneers.
The procedure of fixing dental lumineers can be finished in two or three sittings. Highly durable, dental lumineers are highly resilient and can resist wear for about 20 years. They are very thin and hence do not require tooth reduction to fix them. Since enamel preparation is not required, the procedure can be reversed as well.
Dental lumineers procedure
This procedure is completely painless and is not easily detectable as it resembles the enamel. They are comfortable as well. They are designed and customised to fit the size and shape of your teeth and then fixed on it. After the completion no discomfort or sensitivity is experienced. Since no grinding down is required, it is quite an easy procedure and can be completed in two sittings of one hour each.
The conditions treated with dental lumineers include spaced teeth, stained or discoloured teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, uneven gum lines, decayed teeth and overcrowded teeth. Dental lumineers can be used to treat gummy smiles as well.
Benefits of dental lumineers
  • For teeth shaping and making then uniform.
  • To whiten yellow or stained teeth
  • To cover up decayed spots on teeth.
  • Do not hinder eating any kind of food
  • Not easily detectable and maximum comfort
  • Made of porcelain which imparts it a natural looks and durability.
  • Easily reversible
It can be used to treat multiple cosmetic issues with a single treatment.

Dentique Dental Specialties and Implant Centre based in Kozhikode offers efficient cosmetic dentistry and smile design treatment under the expertise of Dr. Hiba Ali.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Smile More With Invisible Braces

The idea of wearing braces brings a chill to many. It is not a pleasant thought to have wires and brackets barbed around your tooth. Though done with the intention of correcting wayward, misaligned teeth or to cure an overbite, the initial phase of having metal braces is highly uncomfortable and painful. Smiling and talking become tasks and the social stigma associated with it cannot be taken lightly as well. It puts quite a damper on our confidence.

Invisible braces provides a remedy for all of the above-mentioned issues. It is invisible and hence does not affect our appearance. They do not affect our oral hygiene unlike their metal counterparts. Invisible braces can be considered as a hygienic and cosmetic alternative to metal braces. They are said to safe, clinically proven and efficient cosmetic solution best suited for our lifestyle.  These braces are 100% customizable to follow the contours of our teeth. Three-dimensional imaging technology is used in the creation of these braces.

Invisible braces consists of three popular types. Developed using composite materials, the ceramic or clear braces, are more brittle and weaker than metal brackets. These braces cannot be removed till the completion of treatment. Clear braces are not as strong as their metal counterparts. So, they require more treatment time.

They are popular version of invisible braces. They are nearly invisible, resistant to clouding from wear and minimally invasive. These provide an irritation free treatment as the discomfort is reduced. It is a series of clear, removable aligners custom made for the customer's comfort.  It does not have brackets or wires so the chances of breaking and poking are virtually nil. The length of treatment using invisible braces ranges from 18 to 24 months though it largely depends on the intensity of the problem.

Dentique, a leading dental rehabilitation clinic in Kozhikode, Kerala, India offers quality dental treatment using the latest technologies. They provide effective and efficient orthodontic treatment. For all those who find the thought of metal braces scary, get your clear aligners here.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Easy and Painless Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Invisible Braces are otherwise called Clear Aligner using which the treatment can be performed quicker than the traditional treatment. Theses braces are used to correct the misaligned teeth and also to improve the smile with virtual invisible braces. The treatment method is pain-free and suits to all age groups. 

  • Widely spaced teeth or crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbite or overjet
Treatment Procedure

Invisible braces are designed for adults, teens and not for baby teeth. Children and younger teenagers who have orthodontic problems will be required traditional metal braces on the front of the tooth. However, the doctor only can decide which brace will suit to the patient. The trays are worn for 22 hours per day and should not be forgotten or lost.
The treatment length depends on the situation and the type of invisible braces and normally the braces are worn up to 24 months. Since metal braces are made of strongest material it will have durability. Though ceramic braces have better look, they do not have long stand as metal braces. The treatment varies depends on the clear aligners. Types of invisible braces are ceramic or clear braces, Inside braces, Clear aligners.
  • Easy maintenance that helps to keep the oral hygiene
  • Painless Treatment
The aligners will never harm your gums and cheeks, more comfortable to wear
It is easily removable and easier to brush and floss after the food
Dentique, Dental Specialties and Implant Centre offers Best Invisible braces in Kerala at an affordable cost.

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